In 1908 a medium was contacted by intelligences from the spiritual world. The reason was that the transcendental world wished to make humanity acquainted with some facts regarding their origin, their relation to God and the battle between Light and Darkness - good and evil. The wish was also to inform about the true teachings of Christ freed from centuries of additions and distortions, as well as making known some of the divine laws which apply to all living beings in the universe.

   On the basis of numerous questions asked by participants during several sťances held in the years 1913-14, the work entitled "Toward the Light!" appeared. The medium worked solely as an intuitive-inspirative instrument for the intelligences who manifested themselves, without deleting or adding anything to the given information.

   In this way the work appears as a direct revelation from the spiritual leaders of humankind. Those who read these writings should neither judge nor condemn before having accurately pondered every thought of the book.
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